Thursday, November 22, 2012


A few days ago I received a lovely envelope from Switzerland... I already knew what was in it, but there were some lovely surprises inside, and everything was so thoughtful and sweet... just like Juanita! :) Juanita chose lucky me as the winner of her blog giveaway, the prize of which were these two gorgeous bracelets! She had bought them on one of her trips to Malaysia, and they truly are pieces of traditional art! Juanita said: "In the years of 2004 to 2008, Hubs and I used to spend a chunk of time in the Malaysian part of Borneo, Sabah, annually. In one of those trips, we also visited the other Malaysian region, Sarawak, and I bought these elastic bracelets as souvenir. These intricately hand-beaded bracelets were sold as traditional tribal bracelets at a museum. Looking at them now, they scream Chevron, which is such a rave these days". I commented saying how much I loved these bracelets (they are so ME!), but what Juanita didn't know is that as a young girl I used to dream about far-away, exotic places... and one of the places I was most fascinated with was Malaysia and the Borneo! :)

Juanita is a talented accessories and bags designer, a cat mom to two adorable fluffy babies called Fluffy and Pickle (they attended Zoe's Kitty Party in the spring!), and a lovely friend! Oh... and I forgot to mention -- she is a fellow Libra, which you can tell from her love for beauty and those little details which I so love... :)

Thank you so much Juanita! It's been so nice meeting you! :)
And it's going to be a great pleasure to wear these gorgous ethnic bracelets!!! :)

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