Friday, November 9, 2012


Here's an appeal from my beloved ZOE, who as you know is a Greek rescue kitty! A little reminder about a wonderful way for creative animal lovers to give their contribution for a great cause! You still have time, but please rush because the deadline is end of November! :)

The Greek Animal Wefare Society needs your help too! They are organizing a Christmas Bazaar in order to raise funds for their wonderful activities of helping animals in need. As you know, dear friends, Greece is going through very difficult times, and of course animals are suffering too, since it is getting increasingly difficult to raise funds for helping stray and homeless animals, for medical expenses, food and neuterings!

Even if you are living abroad, you can give your contribution for the Christmas Bazaar! You just need to get creative and create something handmade, or if you have something you have already created and that you would like to donate for the Bazaar, you can mail it directly to the Greek Animal Welfare Society! Any other items (in good condition) are welcome too!
Your package needs to arrive by the end of November. The Christmas Bazaar will take place in Athens, on 15 and 16 December. All details in my previous post here.

A big, heartfelt THANK-YOU to all our friends who already contributed!

- Zoe, Rhodes, Greece, May 2003 -

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