Friday, November 23, 2012


My friend Joan of God's Little People is doing wonderful, amazing, touching work to rescue cats and kittens in need on a small island of the Cyclades, Greece. Some of you may already have met her on my previous post here, for those of you who haven't I strongly recommend the read! Joan is a wonderful woman, whose heart never ceases to amaze me. Most of Joan's little rescues would never have had a chance to live if she hadn't rescued them... many of them suffering from severe health problems and denutrition. Joan is now offering wonderful cards with images of some of her gorgeous rescues. Each card is only 5$ (that's about 4€), and the proceeds go entirely towards food, medical expenses and neuterings. If you are looking for that special Christmas card... here's a wonderful way to to do so in a really meaningful way!!!

- back of cards, with quote from the Talmud -

Details directly on Joan's blog God's Little People. Rush because the number is limited!

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