Saturday, February 2, 2013

FAVORITE TOOLS: My Multipurpose, Jack-of-All-Trades Knife

When it comes to tools, I am an absolute minimalist. I'm not very fond of fancy tools, I love working with my own hands, and with just a few simple and good tools. This little knife is my favorite tool... I think I would be lost without it! It's sturdy and practically unbreakable, and I use it for ALL kinds of tasks... from scratching glue or paint rests off any surface (the rounded edge won't damage surfaces, not even wood, and it's not sharp! No cutting danger!) to opening some hard-to-open container, to opening staples, to slitting letters open... you name it! I have even used it for texturizing polymer clay, and it's THE tool which always travels with me! Clever little tool! :) I just love my little, old knife!
Do you have a favorite tool?

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