Tuesday, September 17, 2013

GIVEAWAY - Katerina... the romantic girl!!!!

Hello my friends!!!

It was about time to have another wonderful artist in my blog, a great and very talented young lady. When I first met Katerina I was surprised of her creations, their colors, the gold details on them and their romantic tone. I also am a proud owner of a couple of them and I really enjoy them. I had the chance to have chats with her and I really think that she is a person that everyone could consider as a great friend. 

Butterfly Pendant

So please let me indrduse you Katerina from Divine Decadance!!!!


Hello, I'm Katerina from Divine Decadance!

At a young age, I started feeling a deep admiration for arts and creative people. Over the years, I have tried many ways of artistic expression, such as drawing, dancing and acting.
Later in my life, I decided to study Archeology and Art History, were I had the opportunity to approach art in many different ways.

Cherry Pie Necklace

Jewelry making came rather late in my life! Almost accidentally!

I have always liked handmade jewelry, and last year I started creating some simple designs from my favorite material, polymer clay. My first designs were just for myself and my friends. After a year of experimenting, it became a huge part of my life, and now I love it! It is a unique feeling when I see friends wearing my creations. The feeling gets even better when I imagine my jewelry being worn by girls in Canada, USA, Australia and so many countries all over the world!

Black heart ring with gold lace pattern

I love using polymer clay in combination with other materials! It is so versatile that makes me feel like playing with dough.

Baking desserts and sweets in polymer clay, not only looks cute, but has saved me from many many calories!

Hearts in a bottle Necklace

It has almost been a year since I've opened my Etsy shop! Ever since that day, I became ''addicted'' to it! In addition, I have met many great people and inspiring artists from all over the world. I'm so grateful for being part of this beautiful community that inspires me everyday!

 Mint flower charm bracelet

Every time someone chooses to buy a piece of my jewelry, I feel honored, and I try to put my heart and soul to create something that will make someone else happy! Handmade jewelry offer you that magic feeling! Don't miss the chance to feel it!


Katerina was really kind to offer a gift from her collection to one lucky lady..... three beautiful pairs of post earrings from Divine Decadance collection!!!!

In order to have the chance to win and choose your favorite earrings, just use the Rafflecopter below and earn more entries. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner will be announced  on the 1st of October. 

Good Luck!!!! 

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