Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Giveaway - Gia the Fairytale Lady!!!!

Hello my beloved friends!!!

How is November going so far? Would you like me to cheer you up a little more? Piece of cake...with my favorite fairy tale! Grab her dust and you will be more than happy! 

ok..I am not crazy...but I am really excited to have a wonderful friend in my blog, a fairy tale lady! I tried a lot to decide how to introduce Gia but it was really hard, since she is an amazing person, a very polite lady, a super talented artist, a mother with no free time (usual ha?) but with a great imagination and amazing creations! Creations that can be worn in different ways....What do I mean, you ask?  A romantic headband that can be transmuted to a gorgeous wrist cuff!

 Coral Organza Flower 

She owns two different shops, both of them full of unique creations...believe me it is really hard to choose your favorite...well guess...my favorites are all of her creations! I am also a proud owner of a great fabric belt with flowers made of organza to "decorate" my baby bump!

And believe me she will definitely make your day... FairytaleFlower and OnePerfectDay... with such two wonderful names imagine the romantic, gorgeous, elegant creations you will find there... stop imagining them and have a look!

Black Organza Flower Headband 

So let me introduce you Gia... The Fairy Tale Lady!!!!


Hello! I'm Gia from Fairytale Flower, a little etsy shop that specializes in handmade fabric flower accessories for every occasion.

1. Fall Flower Crown Headband  2.Champagne Organza Flower Hair Clip 3.

Headpiece in Gold 4.Bridal Wrist Corsage 

I made my first organza flower a few years ago and was instantly hooked. I haven't stopped making them since and today I remain as fascinated with making fabric flowers as that first day. Even though I've learnt a lot along the way through both experimentation as well as researching new and old flower making techniques the fact that you can manipulate a flat piece of fabric into a flower that can be as realistic or as surrealistic and stylized as you wish is still a source of wonder and joy to me.

Wrist Cuff Corsage Headband 

I must admit a love for all shapes, sizes and types of fabric flowers and don't have favourites. I love the small ones and the big ones, the simple ones and the over-the-top ones, the bridal ones and the every day ones.

I also own and run OnePerfectDay on etsy, a shop with fabric accessories and bags. It is also a passion of mine but one that I will leave for another day, another giveaway perhaps.

1. Golden Silk Armband Cuff  2. Pastel Pink Ruffle Cuff 3.Khaki Linen Ruffle Cuff  4.Lilac Ruffles Collar

 I also love coming up with new designs and uses for my flowers to turn them into accessories that both women and girls would like to wear.


Thank you Gia...such a beautiful mini interview!

Gia was really kind to offer a gift from her collection to one lucky lady,  two gorgeous Coral Organza Flower pins that can also be wearied as hair accessories  from FairytaleFlower collection!!!!

Coral Organza Flower pins

In order to have the chance to win, just use the Rafflecopter below and earn more entries. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner will be announced  on the 19th of November. 

     Good Luck!!!! 
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