Sunday, March 3, 2013

Eνα βραβείο από δύο φίλες μου - BLOG AWARD!

I was given a lovely Blog Award by two lovely blogging friends, Marilise and Maya. In order to collect this award, you have to tell 11 random facts about yourself and to pass the award to 11 blogs you like. Thank you, dear Marilise and Maya! :)

This is a lovely opportunity to tell you a few little things about myself... especially for my more recent readers! :)

1. I am half Italian and half German, and my main job is language teaching!

2. I am a passionate maker, crafter and artist :)

3. I never go out without wearing some jewelry... I would feel "naked" :)

4. My favorite length for necklaces is very short or "choker".

5. I adore animals and I can't stand injustice against them!

6. My beloved kitty Zoe is a Greek girl, she comes from Rhodes and I adopted her from there as a small kitten.

7. I love love LOVE my mountains!

8. My soulmate's name starts with a "P" :)

9. I love dark chocolate!

10. I need three coffees a day to keep me going :)

11. I dream about living in a little house by the woods, which would be my home and creative workshop :)

Since many of my blogging friends have already been awarded, if you'd like to take part in this game, just feel free to grab the award and tell us 11 things about yourself! :)

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