Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Pretty City

It finally happened...I lost the card reader for my camera! I have 300+ pictures on my camera that are now being held hostage. This is the worst! Ok, maybe not the WORST. Maybe the death sickness pouring out of my mouth and nose at this very moment is the actual worst, modern self cannot remember how to live in a world where you can't access your pictures INSTANTLY! (side note: isn't it a little bit sad that kids today will never undrstand what it is like to drop a roll of film off at the drug store and wait three days to get prints?) 

So, last weekend was amazing and all 300+ items of proof are stuck inside my camera. On Saturday, I took BOTH kids to Seattle by shoving both of them, my laptop, the diaper bag, camera bag, and their lunches into my single-person stroller. I did not have the foresight to invest in a double stroller when my first baby was born. And I will regret this all the days of my life. Our trip was initially supposed to be a working trip but... the wondrous hands of fate turned it magically into a fun-only trip.

The next day we went to Great Wolf Lodge (an indoor waterpark) and stayed overnight. Waterparks aren't really my thing. Water in general isn't my thing. Add on the necessity of wearing a swimsuit. And being cold. And having to truck around behind one overly-energetic kid and one who needs to be supervised 110% of the time (especially around water). BUT. Somehow, even I managed to have fun. More deets to come with pictures (of course), when my brand new card reader arrives. (If it doesn't get here soon, bad things could happen.)

In the meantime, these pictures I took today during my commute will have to tide me (and my uncontrollable need to overshare useless things on the internet) over. If there was a contest for longest, most cumbersome commute, I would without a doubt be in the running as a finalist. At its worst, my commute involves: walking 1-2 miles, taking an hour long ferry, driving for an hour, and taking a ten minut bus. ONE WAY. This is part of the reason why I work from "home" two days a week.

But even though I have one of the most horrible commutes ever, I also have one of the prettiest.

This was the view during my walk through Sculpture Park today. The Space Needle is hiding in the background and there is a train passing through. Unseen: a statute of a naked man and a naked boy in the fountain, which thoroughly disturbs me and projects images of creepy child molesters into my brain.

The Great Wheel is a brand new addition to the Seattle skyline. I've been on it twice this year--once with both kids. Compare that to the fact that I've only been on the Space Needle once in my entire life even though I grew up in the Seattle area. It's great fun. Fun that is greatly improved with a bottle of champagne and a hot date to share it with.

From the ferry:

I also love these giant red cranes. How many cities have giant red cranes as part of their skyline? I think I love them even more than the Great Wheel. They remind me of giant birds berched above the city just hanging out by the water.

Some rare Seattle sunshine.

All lit up!

And blinding!

It's really hard to beat that.
P.S. Everyone I know is having babies right now. I desperately want another. Right. Now. We are not trying in any way. I have not convinced my husband that we should have a third baby yet (it WILL happen). But I honestly hope it happens by accident so that (1) I can uphold my persona as a non-crazy person and (2) overcome my husband's baby-making firewall.

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