Thursday, March 7, 2013

I am Every Woman!!!!

Inspired from Whitney’s song… I am every woman! And today is the official woman’s day! So Happy Us! To every woman in the world!

I am not a feminist, but I do admire us!!! Hahaha…this just sound very feministic… so what? Mother, wife, grandmother, friend, employed and so many other occupations. One person too many roles! We are definitely persons with a great strength and will and we might do so many things simultaneously and get tired, but if there is a need or if we just decide it, we can do much more! And that’s why I admire us!

So today, since it is our official day, do nothing… or even better do everything that care for. Make a great gift to yourself… go out with friends or stay at bed, go for a spa, buy a dress or accessories, go a short walk or a small excursion and last but not least… order something to eat or go to a restaurant!!!! Do nothing that will make you tired! Hahahaha

Have a great day my friends! I salute you with this great song by Whitney Hiouston...

I am every woman

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