Tuesday, March 19, 2013


My beloved little princess Zoe has had her birthday one of these days... and she turned 10! I can't believe how time flies... It feels like yesterday when I adopted her as a homeless kitten from Rhodes back in the summer of 2003. When I first met her at the end of May 2003, she was about 2 months and a half young... so I assume she was born sometime around mid March. A little Pisces, I guess! :) She has been filling my days with so much joy, playfulness, love and laughter!!! She is still very active and fit, and we keep... ehm, she keeps in shape with long playing sessions each day :) My little baby, thank you for all the happiness you've been giving me! Thank you for being there! XRONIA POLLA, kouklitsa mou!!!!!!!!!
You can read Zoe's story here and here.

Zoe's story on Planitis Gia Olous!

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