Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fashion Trends - Autumn Colors!!!

Finally Autumn is I mean it is a little bit colder outside. For me this is a problem since I have to buy new cloths to fit my belly... so what is more comfortable, trendy and really cute for this season? Knit Dresses! I love them. You can wear them in the office, for a coffee or for your night exodus. Just use the correct accessories and you will be gorgeous!

1.Knit Dress  2.Necklace  3.Shoes  4.Leather Bag

Another color that I really love and it is a must have for Autumn and Winter (even thought I think this is an all time classic color) is Burgundy, the Red of the Wine! So beautiful and elegant color and can be combined with many other beautiful colors.

Whatever your style is, this two  colors are must this season...Autumn Colors!!!

Happy Friday! 

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