Friday, October 18, 2013

A walk in Parnitha... Forest Lover!!!

Hello my friends!!!

It seems that I am in great mood for walks and excursions a few months before having my second baby. October is a beautiful month to visit the forest, since the colors are simple amazing and the weather is hot enough.

So last weekend we had a small walk on Parnitha, a mountain near Athens. The weird thing is that even thought there are many great places to visit in Attica, I never did so far and now I am trying to visit as many as I can. Good friends, comfortable cloths, great mood, a few snacks and we are ready!

So our first stop was a small lake and my daughter loved it. Ok actually it is a tiny one, but at least we had the chance to see ducks, turtles and a swan! I have to say that next time I will carry more bread, since my princess feed them with our bread! :)

Since we wanted to get a better feeling of the forest, we moved to a beautiful, peaceful, and full of trees glade and we had a great pick nick. Having a short walk in the forest paths is really something unique. I felt like Aragon will appear in a while... yeah ok... at least I was expecting Aragon from Lord of the rings and not Tingerbell as my princess did. And yes, we spend 30min walking around to find her! Guess what...we didn't!!!

What I love most in the forest is its "microworld" , its "details" , its amazing creatures, plants and colors! My camera macro is what I loved here... so what if it is small?You still can admire it!

So, weekend is near, plan a small excursion with family and friends and have a great time. After all this memories last forever!!!

Have a wonderful time!

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