Saturday, July 14, 2012

8 Signs You Need A Girl's Night Out

1. Your favorite snacks are fruit flavored and shaped like sea creatures.

2. No matter where you go, you automatically always park next to a cart return.

3. When you are standing for an extended period of time, you unconsciously begin to bounce as if there was a baby in your arms.

4. The only songs stuck in your head are about dinosaurs, trains, or talking tools.

5. When giving directions, all your reference points are children's parks. "The grocery store is five blocks from that big park and seven blocks to the left of the downtown park."

6. You spend way too much time wondering why the students on the cartoon Sid the Science Kid call their teacher by her first name. Seriously, why?!

7. The most intellectually stimulating conversation you have had in a month was whether Superman or Batman would win in a bicycle race.

and the grand finale.....

8. You have an erotic dream....about Spiderman. (I now blush uncontrollably when Jacob watches his Spiderman cartoon)

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