Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Good Mommy Day

Today was a fabulous day with the kids. The weather was AMAZING! I think it may have gotten up to 80 degrees. This morning, I gave Jake a couple options for what to do today and he picked the best one: going to the "Fountain Park."

This park is downtown Bremerton's best little secret. There are four huge towers that blow water up into the air and, even though the park wasn't designed for it, kids love to splash in the water. It's like a mini water park. It's less than a mile from home. It's 2 blocks from a Coldstone Creamery. And....IT'S FREE!

We packed a little picnic. I strapped a crabby Ryan in the stroller. Jacob hopped onto his Thomas bike. And off we went!

Taken on our ride home
Isn't he such a big boy?

I was anticipating a relaxing little walk to the park (we parked our car a couple blocks away because I don't want to end up pushing the bike AND the stroller). The second we got out of the car Jacob began to do his potty dance. Then he began to scream, "I GOT TO PEE. I GOT TO PEE" Flashback 30 minutes prior to Jacob guzzling three cups of water, me telling him to stop because he will have to pee, and him insisting that he would be able to hold it until we got to the park. Moms are always right.

That ended our majestic downtown walk and began the frantic, mad dash to the park's restroom. Every three seconds, Jacob would hop off his bike, jump up and down grabbing his crotch, and yelp, "I have to pee NOW! I have to pee on this bush!" "This bush" always happened to be a street planter, courtesy of the City of Bremerton. I didn't think the local businesses or their customers would approve, so I would conjole him back onto his bike and get him to pedal three more feet before it all started over again.

At one point, Jacob jumped off his bike and ran towards a planter. The jump sent his bike backwards into the street. I temporarily let go of Ryan's stroller and lunged after the bike, which was careening out of control just feet from parked cars. I grabbed the bike and noticed Ryan's stroller was also rolling backward, heading for a similar fate. With the bike in one hand, I dashed frantically and caught Ryan just before he rolled into the street, all the while yelling to Jacob, "NO. STOP. Stop right there! Don't pee in that plant! STOP! Pull your pants BACK ON! Underwear too! NOW!"

I don't know how we did it but we managed to travel the four long blocks to the restroom without too many indecencies-- and no plants got watered! We picked out a nice picnic area and I set up camp. I reached into the diaper bag and realized, to my horror, that I had left Jacob's swimtrunks in the car. All he was wearing was his thick, flannel-lined jeans. Before we had left, I lectured him multiple times to change his pants, knowing he would be too hot. But he had refused, threw a tantrum, and insisted that he would be fine. If he had only put on some shorts, he could have swam in those and saved us a trip to the car.

At this point, the only thing running through my mind was, "Why do I ever leave the house?!" But I quelled the beast threatening to take over, packed our stuff back up, and dragged Jacob and the stroller the four blocks back to the car to grab his swim trunks. When we got back, I set my stuff down in the grass, rolled out a blanket and collapsed from emotional exhaustion.

But after that, the day was amazing! Ryan had fallen asleep in his stroller during all the commotion and snoozed away for 3 full hours. I even checked on him to make sure he was still breathing!

Jacob played in the fountain and rode his bike around the park. He also managed to be cooperative and sweet for the rest of the day (he even took a nice nap when we got home!).

Yes. He is drinking bubbles.

I got to lay in the grass, stare up at the sky and do NOTHING for a good couple hours.

Dear Summer,

I love you! Please don't leave me!



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