Monday, July 23, 2012

DIY Baby Carrier II: The Baby Backpack!

What is more fun than babywearing?! Ok, maybe a lot of things....BUT if you make your own baby carrier, it can be a lot more fun. This tutorial is a little more advanced than my basic baby carrier but it is still super easy!

I present to you the Baby Backpack

All you need is a child sized back pack and a pair of  scissors.

1. Select a child-size backpack. I found this at Value Village for $3.00.

2. Cut holes in the bottom. The holes should be about a hand's width apart. And make sure they are wide enough to fit your baby's legs through. Wouldn't want to cut off circulation, would we?

3. Insert baby.

This can be worn on the front....Or even on the back:

Don't let the face fool you. Ryan loves it.

Isn't that cute? All those moms with fancy-pants wraps at the playground will be so jealous!

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