Saturday, July 14, 2012


Of course, given the well-known fact that I'm crazy for kitties, I have a few kitty friends here in Rhodes too!
This is sweet Mimi, an adorable girl! Mimi has chronical infections in her mouth and I'm helping her each time I'm here taking her to the vet. She is the sweetest thing, we talk a lot to eachother and my boyfriend says she adores me! And she is extremely clever too.

This is Pippi... She is a sweet kitty who comes visit once in a while and then she stays for days! She must have a place where she gets fed (probably a courtyard cat), because when she reappears she always looks clean and healthy. Mimi and Pippi don't like eachother too much, so I feed them separately.

And this adorable girl is Mascherina! She's one of the neighbors' cats, probably she already has a name, but for me she's Mascherina :) She is very gentle and just adorable.

I also often have Max visiting -- a boy from the neighbors who is always hungry! And quite regularly in the evening a shy stray calico girl joins the company too. And Rocky, a doggie from the same neighbors, is around all the time as well... mostly hoping to eat the kitties' food :)

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