Wednesday, July 11, 2012

DIY {Redneck} Sprinkler

Nothing says summer more than half naked children running through a sprinkler. Oh, and an ice cold bottle of beer. But not together, of course. Silly kids, beer is for Mommy.

That reminds me of the time when two-year-old Jacob grabbed a beer off our shelf and said, "Mommy are you sick? I brought your medicine." Don't look at me. I have NO IDEA where he learned that.

Anyway, back to summer. Today was so amazingly, gloriously hot. So hot that nothing was going to keep me from running through a sprinkler. Not even the fact that we didn't HAVE a sprinkler. So I made my own! This is where the redneck part comes in....

1. Find a bottle of soda. Guzzle it down. (We only had club soda, we're fancy like that. Oh that reminds me....Daddy, fyi you're all out of club soda.)

2. Take your empty bottle and poke holes all around the sides. At first, I tried using a drill, didn't work. But those fancy things you put on the end of ears of corn worked.

3. Next, grab a roll of duct tape. You should ALWAYS be well stocked with duct tape. No excuses. Duct tape = a mom's best friend. It's also your redneck membership card. I've even seen that stuff take off warts!

4. Go outside and tape the opening of the bottle to the end of a hose. Helpful Tip: make sure your tape extends at least three inches from the end of the hose or else the pressure from the water may shoot your bottle across the lawn like a bullet....I learned the hard way. :)

Finally, turn on the hose and watch for rainbows!

If only they sold beer in plastic bottles...

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