Monday, July 2, 2012


Ryan's daytime sleep habits continue to be a constant frustration. At night he sleeps great, sleeping 7 hours straight from 9pm to 4am. But daytime naps are hit or miss. On a rare occassion, he will fall asleep and stay asleep for 3 hours. But more often, he will only sleep if someone is holding him.

So, the days when naps are scarce and Ryan is crabby, I have to figure out how to get things done with a baby in my arms.

But no fear! It is possible to stay active and fit while holding a baby.

I introduce you to.....

Baby-robics! (The latest workout craze- watch out Crossfit)

Hold your baby like so:

And get ready for some exercise fun! For each exercise featured below, do three sets of 15 on each leg or arm.

First up are side kicks.

Next are baby lunges. Please note that is is preferable to do these in funky socks!

Can't forget side lunges!

Forward kicks.... I think we're ready for Karate Kid... er, Karate Baby.

Baby squats, we're working it now!

Monkey swings. Grab your baby and swing him (or her) from side to side. Oooh, feel the burn!

The Lion King. Overhead baby lifts.

Baby bicep curls. Great for toning your post-pregnancy arm jiggle!

That's it! So simple! You toned your bod and kept your baby happy AT THE SAME TIME!

What does Ryan think? I think he likes it :)

He says that he's ready to hit up the clubs now and meet some fine ladies.

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