Saturday, July 21, 2012

Date Night

Today, my husband and I had an evening out without the kids. It felt amazing to have some time away. Funny though, whenever we go out on dates, we spend a good portion of the time thinking and talking about our kids, how cute they are, and the funny things they say.

Since Ryan was born, we've been on 3.5 dates. That's a lot for us. We probably had that many in the entire YEAR before Ryan was born. I hope we can keep it up because days like today keep me sane. It's like hitting the "refresh" button on your life.

For the past couple weeks, I started weaning Ryan. At first I felt guilty for weaning him so early but I wanted to make the transition back to work go as smooth as possible and I absolutely hate pumping. Even more than I hate making the bed! Ryan's been great about it and took to the bottle really easily. He doesn't seem to care either way. I mean, he will already put anything in his mouth that gets between his hands and his face.

Ryan is now drinking from a bottle for half of the day. I feel SO relieved. And, of course, with that relief comes guilt for feeling so relieved. Mommy guilt is strong with me. No matter what I do, I will find something to feel guilty about. Anyway, it's such a relief knowing that other people can feed him when necessary. And I love that he gets to bond with his grandparents, his daddy, and his brother during feeding time. And I love not accidentally flashing people in public. Oh and I most specially love that I can enjoy a date night completely interruption free and without stuffing a pump in my purse.

Ryan is happy. I'm happy. We are all happy!

Our date started by going to see The Dark Knight Rises in the brand new, fancy downtown theater. 5 years ago, we never would have thought that Bremerton would be cool enough for a theater. Between the theater, the amazing downtown parks, fun and funky new restaurants, and weekend events (this weekend some of the streets were closed off for a Brew Festival), our little neighborhood has really turned around!

The movie was so freaking good. At the beginning, I was a little unnerved about going to see it after the tragic shooting in Colorado. And during the first hour of the film, I kept fearfully checking the Exits and getting myself all worked up. But I finally relaxed and got lost in the film. I can't say it enough- the film was SO GOOD!

Afterwards, we walked downtown and watched the participants of the Brew Festival and we grabbed some dinner. It was incredible to be able to eat a meal without having to pick up a fussy baby or cut someone else's food or wipe someone's butt (Somehow, whenever I'm eating lunch, Jacob decides it's a great opportunity to go poop and then I have to stop, mid-bite and go wipe him. Bu-bye appetite. Toddler butt-wiping is going to be the new mommy diet.)

We saw this piece of art on our walk downtown and my husband and I got into a semi-heated debate about what type of animal it is. So, I need to take a poll....what do you think? Cat or bear?

The best part about date night is always picking up the kids. We both feel refreshed and become almost giddy with excitement to see them again. My new favorie thing is to see how excited Ryan gets when I walk into a room. When he sees me from across the room, his eyes lock in on me and his little legs will start kicking like crazy. He looks like a marionette that is being controlled by a spastic puppeteer. So adorable.

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