Sunday, May 19, 2013


I was so happy and pleased two days ago, when I discovered that one of my lovely blog readers, Elena of Mostracci, has been featured on one of the most widely read Italian women's magazines, Donna Moderna! Elena is a sweet, smiling and romantic young woman and mom, and a talented textile artist and photographer, and her sweet textile creations (and creatures!), which she lovingly calls Mo-stracci (which is a pun on the Italian words 'stracci' meaning rags, and 'mostri' meaning monsters), have been featured in an article devoted to young Italian artists and crafters who show and sell their work through various venues: craft fairs, shops, galleries, museum shops and e-shops. These happy stories of genuine handmade-with-love (as I love calling what we, hopelessly romantic souls, are doing) warmed my heart up and made me smile! And they certainly gave me new energy for pursuing my dreams!
BRAVE RAGAZZE!!!! Bravo girls!!!!

These talented designers tell us how to be successful through these points and suggestions:
  • start working with shops on consignment and work yourself up to selling your collections;
  • take part in art/craft fairs and work yourself up to major international fairs;
  • open an online shop;
  • get seen on social networks;
  • make yourself noticed in museum shops.

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