Wednesday, May 29, 2013

SHE TRAVELED... Marina and Finland

This is a new series, in which I'm going to feature women whose life has sent them on travels... and whose creative inspiration draws upon the suggestions a place, a country, a landscape, a new world has ushered into their soul. Some of them have fallen in love with a place, some of them have fallen in love with a country, some of them have even fallen in love with a person, some of them travel back and forth between two Homes, some of them have moved their life to a new place... All of them draw their inspiration from a place dear to their heart.

Meet my first guest... Marina! Marina comes from a sunny Italian town by the sea, but Life has taken her up North... to Finland. She has fallen in love with the Finnish forests and lakes, and with a wonderful man. Marina loves Italian and Finnish vintage, but it's in her collection of Finnish vintage jewelry that her love for her second home becomes evident. She lovingly photographs the pieces in the wonderful landscapes of Finland, among trees and forests, near lakes and often in snow. You can find her collection of vintage jewelry and accessories in her Etsy shop Andolina's Wishes, while her handmade jewelry and romantic bookmarks are available in her other shop Marina's Wishes. Check out her beautiful blog to find out more about her inspiration and to see her great photos of nature and what's inspiring her!

All photos by Marina©

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