Tuesday, May 14, 2013

GIVEAWAY - Triada... the Spring Lady!!!

Hello my beloved friends!!!

May is here  and also Spring! The weather is really hot for this time of year and this is the correct time period to get off the warm clothes, your boots and your coats and replace them with beautiful and colorful shirts, sandals and accessories!

Is this hard? not at all and believe me this will change your mood and will make you more happy! So... in order to help you with the accessories part, I would love to introduce you a wonderful young lady, an amazing crafter and a very polite person... Triada from ThePurpleBalloon !!!

summer-sea necklace

I tried to figure out what to say about Triada, but to be honest this was something difficult to do. After all what can anyone say about her creations? Visit her collection and you will find out that every single jewel has a story behind it, a dream, a wish and last but not least a talented person to express. To be honest, one other thing I love in her creations are the colors! They definitely make my day!!!!

But let's stop talking and let meet her. Please let me introduce you Triada!!!

People say that everyone has a story to tell about his family’s past. Even though he hasn’t lived any of these different stories, they seem to define him, because all this combines up to a common point- him and his very own special story.

Pet goldfish earrings

 My grandfathers and grandmothers were people that they left their birthplaces and lived to several other places and conditions of life. That made them creative. One of them was a great influence on me. He was so creative that he recycled, combined and transformed the most unexpected things into a variety of useful constructions or decorative objects. My parents are creative too and support handmade as a way of life. When I was a child, they were always supporting and encouraging whenever I was trying to make something on my own.

Copper butterfly long necklace

I’m a jewelry collector. My collection consists of a variety of pieces; plastic, felt, vintage, polymer clay, metallic, leather, recycled materials ect. Every piece is precious to me. When I find something new I always get excited and want to have it. That’s why I started making jewelry. I wanted to make things that I‘ve imagined or I couldn’t afford.

Coral heart stud earrings

I opened my Etsy shop about 1 ½ year ago and I’m glad I did. I met some nice and intelligent people and I became more creative. In the future, I would like to learn more about jewelry making techniques, especially silversmith, which is a part I have no knowledge about. 

dragonfly bracelet

Supporting handmade is a life style. You get something unique and well made that tells a story. The first sentence of this story is simple; a person made this with fantasy, creativity and love. The rest is yours, because its purpose, the way you use it, the person who is it for and finally the passing of time make it to get a special meaning.

Turquoise heart necklace


Triada was really kind to offer a gift from her collection to one lucky lady.....three pairs of her beautiful post earrings!!!!

In order to have the chance to win and choose by yourself your favorite earrings , just use the Rafflecopter below and earn more entries. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!!!!!

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