Saturday, May 18, 2013

What I Learned This Weekend

When it comes to parades, my children simply cannot contain their excitement.

I guess I'll clap. But just this ONE time.

Even when you you show up to a public event in yoga pants and a dirty sweatshirt in my city, there will be stiff competition for the title of Worst Dressed. (People of WalMart, move over). My competition:

A one-yeard old child can entertain himself for 20 minutes by playing with a box of nursing pads.

When you hear your son yelling, "it's raining popsicles," in the next room, the chances are against you encountering something pleasant. No picture available. The image was just too traumatizing.

It is possible to win a summary judgment motion from your home while you are wearing yoga pants and when neither side showed up for the hearing because it was supposedly continued by the opposing party. (yay!!)

Running is addicting. This is something I knew but had forgotten. I've been running 5 miles every other day for the past couple weeks but now I just to run all the time.

Don't let your husband take your child to a festival without you. There will be consequences:

(There is a fish in there. Ugh. )

My one-year old son is showing great promise in the sport of "carrying random household objects in one's mouth."

It's hard to watch your baby grow up.

I'm totally ready for another baby (but someone else is very much NOT ready and is very protective of his Mommy).

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