Thursday, May 2, 2013

Marching Into The Lion's Den

On Saturday after we took our family portraits, the photographer told us that the pictures would be ready by Wednesday (yesterday). I know most photographers take several weeks to turn around their proofs so I was really impressed by the promise.

Wednesday came and I neurotically began to check my emails for the pictures. I also neurotically began to refresh the photographer's blog and website for sneak peaks. Let's just say that my obsession with family portraits mixes poorly with my vanity. Thursday morning, when there was no sign of the photos, I sent a cheerful little e-mail to the photographer. He told me to expect the photos by the afternoon. Of course, I took that literally and began to, once again, neurotically check my emails every three minutes as soon as the big hand passed over the "12."

And now, here we are at 9:00 p.m., no sign of the photos and I'm going crazy! Every little buzz from my phone sends my heart racing. I don't think I will be able to concentrate again until the photos arrive.

As I mentioned, I skinned my knees really badly last Thursday on my way home from work. My knees have scabbed over and they are so freaking painful. Forget about the fact that I can't wear skirts to work (the staple of my work wardrobe). Everytime I straighten or bend my knees the scabs pull from the skin. Ryan likes to pull up on my legs and frequently bumps into my large bruises. I occassionally forget about my injuries and will try to kneel on one of the knees, especially when I'm on the floor with the kids or changing Ryan's diaper, causing me to let out a high-pitched shriek. I feel so crippled. I swear, you never know quite how important a body part is until it's injured.

Yesterday, one of the partners asked me to research whether we have a good faith argument to oppose a motion. I did my research. I tried so hard to find a clever, killer argument. Unfortunately, I think we are hosed on this issue. I wrote a neat little memo outlining my thoughts. The basic gist of the memo was, "there is this tiny little shred of a weak-ass argument we can make but we will not win this one."

As I was typing the memo I kept hoping that he wouldn't want to oppose this motion. I thought to myself, "Well, at least *I* won't be the one that has to face the judge."

The partner's reply: "Draft the opposition and be prepared to argued it."

Oh great. Eff. My. Life.


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